Monday, 30 June 2014

Poland has selected Thales - MBDA and Raytheon in tender for medium range missile system.

Poland has short-listed a consortium of France's Thales and European group MBDA, as well as U.S. firm Raytheon, in its tender for a mid-range missile defence system, the defence ministry said on Monday, June 30, 2014. The bids that lost out on the tender, which is estimated to be worth about $5 billion, were from the Israeli government and the MEADS consortium led by Lockheed Martin.
Poland has short-listed a consortium of France's Thales and European group MBDA, as well as U.S. firm Raytheon, in its tender for a mid-range missile defence system. 
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Polaris Industries has engineered Polaris Ranger Crew with an integrated multi-power system.

Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII), has engineered a Polaris® RANGER CREW® Diesel side-by-side utility vehicle with an integrated multi-power system, a first for vehicles in this category. A flip of a switch allows operators to power hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and welding equipment directly from the vehicle’s diesel engine through the integrated HIPPO™ Multipower™ System from the Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Company.
Polaris® RANGER CREW® Diesel side-by-side utility vehicle with integrated multi-power system 
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Live Missile Firings Test New Aegis System on board Burke class Destroyer USS John Paul Jones

Guided-missile destroyer USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) successfully conducted a series of five live-fire tests for the Baseline 9C Aegis Combat System during Combat Systems Ship's Qualification Trials (CSSQT) and Naval Integrated Fire Control Counter Air (NIFC-CA) capability, June 18-20.

Rheinmetall a leader for the supplying of modern anf future soldier systems at Eurosatory 2014.

At Eurosatory 2014 Rheinmetall is emphasizing the Group’s status as a leading supplier of soldier systems, along with its unsurpassed ability to integrate dismounted troops into networked-enabled operations. 
Rheinmetall Gladius Future Soldier at Eurosatory 2014, International Defence and Security Exhibition in Paris, France.
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Elbit Systems SOLTAM SPEAR 120mm light vehicle-mounted Recoil Mortar System at Eurosatory.

At Eurosatory 2014, the Israeli Defense Company Elbit Systems has showcased its latest autonomous 120mm Recoil Mortar System (RMS) for lightweight 4x4 combat vehicles. The mortar system was mounted on an HUMVEE 4x4 light tactical vehicle. 
Elbit Systems SOLTAM SPEAR 120mm Recoil Mortar System (RMS) mounted at the rear of a 4x4 light tactical vehicle HUMVEE at Eurosatory 2014, International Defense & Security Exhibition in Paris, France.
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Raytheon ESSM Missile Upgrade Will Boost Royal Australian Navy Vessels Protection

Royal Australian Navy warships will be better protected against the threat of anti-ship missiles following a decision that opens the way to equip the ships with an upgraded version of the Evolved Seasparrow missile system, the Minister for Defence, Senator David Johnston, announced today. 

U.S. Navy Seventh Fleet Tests Innovative Missile Defense System During Pandarra Fog

Seventh Fleet and the Navy Warfare Development Command tested maritime obscurant generator prototypes June 21-25 to assess their tactical effectiveness for anti-ship missile defense. The systems and tactics were tested under a variety of at-sea conditions using assets from the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force to evaluate how radar-absorbing, carbon-fiber clouds can prevent a missile from detecting and striking its target as part of a layered defense.

OTO Melara contract for delivery of 81 Hitrole Light turrets for Italian army Lince 4x4 armored.

OTO Melara secured a contract worth about 20 million Euro with the Italian for 81 Hitrole® Light turrets that will be installed on Italian Army Lince light multirole vehicles. The turret is a derivative of the Hitrole® B and is much lighter and easy to install.
Lince (LMV) 4x4 Light Multirole Armoured Vehicle equipped with OTO Melara Hitrole® Light turret. 
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Switzerland takes delivery of first tranche of WFEL DSB Dry Support Bridges.

Switzerland has received its first tranche of WFEL Dry Support Bridges (DSBs) in a ceremony which included a live build-and-installation of the DSB to an audience of senior army personnel, army engineers, guests from WFEL and the Swiss media. A total of four of the 46m span DSBs were handed over to armasuisse - the Swiss defence procurement agency - prior to final delivery to the Swiss Army.
Just eight soldiers and a single launch vehicle can have traffic rolling across a 46 metre gap in less than 90 minutes using an Dry Support Bridge (DSB).
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ThyssenKrupp and Saab agree on sale of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AB (formerly Kockums)

ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG, a company of ThyssenKrupp Group, and Saab AB today entered into an agreement on the sale of Swedish shipyard ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AB (formerly Kockums) with facilities in Malmö, Karlskrona and Muskö. The purchase price is SEK 340 million (around €37 million). The transaction is subject to the approval of the board and supervisory bodies of the ThyssenKrupp Group as well as the Swedish Competition Authority.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

IAG International Armored Group factory Ras Al Khaimah UAE Jaws Guardian...

Visit factory and test drive of IAG International Armored Group Jaws and Guardian 4x4 APC armoured personnel carrier RAK Free Trade Zone Ras Al Khaimah UAE United Arab Emirates by Army Recognition editorial team. 

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Serial production of Puma AIFV armoured infantry fighting vehicle for German army at Eurosatory

Now being built in series for the German Army, the new Puma AIFV armoured infantry fighting vehicle was displayed at Eurosatory for the first time. During recent heat (UAE 2013), cold (Norway 2012) and live-fire trials conducted in cooperation with experts from the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment (BAAINBw) and the German Army, the Puma performed very well under all climatic conditions.
New Puma AIFV Armoured Infantry Fighting vehicle serial production for German army at Eurosatory 2014, International Defence and Security Exhibition in Paris, France.
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Aimpoint unveils at Eurosatory 2014 its new Micro T-2 sight for individual weapon platform.

At Eurosatory 2014, Aimpoint, the originator and world leader in electronic red dot sighting technology unveils its new Micro T-2 sight to the company’s professional product line. The Micro T-2 will be available for shipment in September, 2014, and will be offered alongside the company’s existing Micro T-1 product.
Aimpoint Micro T-2 sight for individual weapon platform
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Blighter unveils Blighter Scout lightweight e-scan radar and camera surveillance system.

Blighter Surveillance Systems, a British electronic-scanning (e-scan) radar and sensor solution provider, has unveiled Blighter Scout, a lightweight e-scan radar and camera surveillance system designed for rapid deployment in border security hot spots and other similar security applications.
Blighter Scout System Comprising Blighter Revolution 360 Radar and Chess Dynamics Hawkeye MR Camera Mounted on 4x4 Pickup Truck
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Weapon station CPWS of Belgian Company CMI Defence mounted on Ukrainain BTR-3E armoured.

To increase the tactical options open to mechanised infantry, reconnaissance units and other light and highly mobile forces, and to increase their operational effectiveness and crew survivability, CMI Defence has developed the Cockerill CPWS protected medium-calibre remote weapon station. At Eurosatory 2014, the CPWS was mounted on Ukrainian BTR-3E to show that this turret can be easily integrated to a full range of combat vehicles.
CMI Defence CPWS medium calibre Cockerill Protected Weapon Station mounted on BTR-3E Ukrainian 8x8 armoured vehicle personnel carrier at Eurosatory 2014, International Defence and Security Exhibition in Paris, France.
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Ukraine National Guard takes delivery of five BTR-3E 8x8 armoured personnel carrier

On June 25, 2014 the supply of next batch of five vehicles of BTR-3E armored personnel carriers for the needs of National Guard of Ukraine was carried out on the Kyiv Armored Plant, which is a member-enterprise of Ukroboronprom State Concern. This is the second batch of armored personnel carriers of such class, which was supplied to National Guard. In total 11 vehicles have been transferred so far. 
Official ceremony of the delivery of BTR-3E to Ukrainian National Guard.
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Saturday, 28 June 2014

MBDA presents new MMP surface-to-surface medium range missile mounted on MPCV vehicle Eurosatory 2014

At Eurosatory 2014, the International Defence and Security Exhibition which was held in Paris (France) from the 16 to 20 June 2014, the missile manufacturer MBDA has presented its new MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée - Surface-to-Surface Medium Range Missile ) mounted on the MPCV (Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicle).
The MPCV (Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicle) fitted with MBDA MMP missile weapon station at Eurosatory 2014, International Defence and Security Exhibition in Paris, France.
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Nexter Robotics presents MULE a new 4x4 UGV unmanned ground vehicle with high payload.

Today infantry troops are heavily loaded and may have to travel long distances in difficult terrain conditions. To reduce fatigue of soldiers, and increase its responsiveness in combat, Nexter Robotics of France has unveiled at Eurosatory 2014 the MULE, a 4x4 unmanned ground vehicle able to carry heavy payload for the troops on the battlefield.
Nexter Robotics MULE Unmanned robot ground vehicle at Eurosatory 2014, International Defence and Security Exhibition in Paris, France.
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New Commando 4x4 armoured 90mm fire support with CMI Defence Cockerill CSE 90LP turret Eurosatory 2014

To response of Infantry-led mounted and dismounted operations, Belgian Defence Company CMI Defence has teamed with Textron Systems’ Marine & Land Systems to integrate the Cockerill CSE 90LP turret with its COMMANDO Select 4x4 armoured vehicle. At Eurosatory 2014, on the booth of CMI Defence, COMMANDO Select 90mm Direct Fire Vehicle was showed for the first time to the public. 
CMI Defence Cockerill CSE 90LP turret mounted on Commando 4x4 armoured vehicle at Eurosatory 2014, International Defence & Security Exhibition in Paris, France.
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At Eurosatory 2014 Ruukki has presented Ramor 450 best vehicle blast protection on the market.

At Eurosatory 2014, the International Defense & Security Exhibition, Ruukki presents Ramor 450, the latest protection steel for the manufacture of armoured vehicles. The steel can be used as a frame structure or on the floor of the vehicle as a separate shield against mines where it protects against blast or shock waves and shrapnel.
Ramor 450, the latest protection steel from Ruukki, enables manufacture of new types of standard floor structures designed for armoured vehicles. 
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At DVD 2014 Streit Group unveils its new Warrior 4x4 APC fitted with Shershen-D anti-tank missile

At DVD 2014, the Defence Vehicle Dynamics Exhibition in United Kingdom, the Defence Company Streit Group, a global leader in the manufacturing of wheeled armoured vehicles has unveiled its Warrior, a new 4x4 armoured vehicle armed with a remote-controlled anti-tank missile launcher station Shershen-D.
Warrior 4x4 APC with the remote-controlled anti-tank missile launcher station Shershen-D in firing position.
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United States Government transfers military equipment and vehicles to the Nigerian Army.

On Monday, June 23, 2014 in the Aguiyi Ironsi Cantonment, Brigade of Guards headquarters, Abuja, the United States Government transferred to the Nigerian Army non-armed Toyota Land Cruiser, communication and force protection equipment in support of the Nigerian Army’s battle against terrorism. These military equipment will enhance the operational capabilities of the Nigerian Army.
Brig Gen James B. Linder, inspecting the equipment received by Maj Gen Ibrahim Sani, on behalf of the Nig Army. Photo by DAPR.
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Unmanned aircraft Predator armed with Hellfire missiles used in Iraq to protected U.S. advisers.

Some unmanned aircraft Predator that the United States is flying over Iraq are armed with Hellfire missiles to protect newly arrived American military advisers on the ground, Pentagon press secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby said Friday, June 27, 2014.
An MQ-1 Predator unmanned aircraft, armed with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles.
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Obama asks Congress $500 million for military training and equipment for Syrian opposition fighters

Obama administration asked Congress on Thursday, June 26, 2014, to authorize $500 million in direct U.S. military training and equipment for Syrian opposition fighters, a move that could significantly escalate U.S. involvement in Syria’s civil war.
Syrian Rebel fighters carry their weapons as they run past damaged buildings to avoid snipers loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in the Mleha suburb of Damascus May 26, 2014. 
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Major General Dana Pittard has been selected to lead the new U.S. military mission in Iraq.

The Pentagon has selected a two-star Army general who oversaw U.S. teams in Iraq in 2006 and 2007 to lead its new military mission there. Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard, the deputy commanding general for operations for 3rd Army and U.S. Army Central Command, will oversee operations in Iraq to assess the country’s floundering security forces. 
U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Dana J.H. Pittard, 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss commander, gives a speech during the ribbon cutting for the solar panel project at Fort Bliss, Texas housing communities, Feb. 26, 2013.
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An additional four team of United States military advisers were deployed in Iraq.

U.S. forces in Baghdad have opened a joint operations center in the city to assess the security situation in the wake of the rapid territorial gains made by Sunni militants, bringing the number of American service members there to about 500, Defense Department officials said June 26, 2014.
Oscar Pintado, 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment Military Transition Team leader, shakes hands with an Iraqi Army soldier during a mission near Bayji, Iraq
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Friday, 27 June 2014

USNS Montford Point (MLP 1) Successfully Completes LCAC Interface Tests

The U.S. Navy successfully completed Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) interface tests off the coast of Camp Pendleton June 13, aboard the Navy's first Mobile Landing Platform, USNS Montford Point (MLP 1).

At DVD 2014 Streit Group has displayed its new Shrek RCV Route Clearance Armoured Vehicle

At DVD 2014, the Defence Vehicle Dynamics Exhibition which was held from the 25 to 26 June 2014 in Millbrook, United Kingdom, Streit Group a world leader in the manufacturing of armoured vehicles presents its new Shrek RCV (Route Clearance Vehicle). The Shrek displayed at the DVD 2014 was painted white to emphasize that it can be used by UN peacekeeping forces for mine clearance in dangerous areas.
The Shrek RCV (Route Clearance Vehicle) 4x4 armoured vehicle at DVD 2014, Defence Vehicle Dynamics in Millbrook, United Kingdom.
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North Korea has test-fired a new high-precision tactical guided missile.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) announced Friday, June 27, 2014, that it has test-fired "newly developed cutting-edge ultra-precision tactical guided missiles." DPRK leader Kim Jong Un oversaw the test-fire at the central monitoring post, according to the official KCNA news agency, which lauded the new weapons as "another shining success" in the efforts to manufacture "high-precision, lighter, automatic and intelligent weapons and equipment."
A North Korean missile unit takes part in a military parade to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People's Army in Pyongyang, April 25, 2007. 
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Indonesia takes first delivery of 26 German-made Leopard 2A6 tanks and 26 Marder 1A2 AIFV.

A total of 52 combat vehicles, consisting of 26 Leopard 2A6 main battle tanks and 26 medium-sized Marder 1A2 infantry fighting vehicles, will be shipped from the city of Unterluss following a brief ceremony early this week, which will be attended by Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin, Indonesia’s deputy defense minister, and Gen. Pramono Edhie Wibowo, retired Army chief of staff.
Leopard 2A6 German-made main battle tank
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General Dynamics has unveiled Scout SV PMRS Protected Mobility Recce Support vehicle.

At DVD (Defence Vehicle Dynamics Exhibition) which was held in Millbrook (United Kingdom) from the 25 to 26 June 2014, General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited has unveiled the first SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV) pre-production prototype vehicle. The platform, a Protected Mobility Recce Support (PMRS) variant, will provide safe transportation for fully-equipped soldiers in a well-protected environment. 
General Dynamics SCOUT SV PMRS Protected Mobility Recce Support at DVD 2014, defense exhibition in Millbrook, United Kingdom. 
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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Polish company EXOFIN introduced some innovative folding fins at Balt Military Expo 2014

At the 13th Baltic Military Fair BALT-MILITARY-EXPO 2014 currently held in Gdansk, Poland, local company EXOFIN presents some unique folding fins designed for special forces. The company based in Gdynia used modern materials such as kevlar, titanium and carbon to match the requirements of special forces and come out with a product combining low weight, excellent hydrodynamic properties all in a small size.

Thales showcasing its Smart-S radar for Polish Patrol Vessel ORP SLAZAK at Balt Expo 2014

At Balt Military Expo 2014, Thales is showcasing its Smart-S Mk2 radar. Earlier this year, the Polish Ministry of National Defence and Thales signed a contract for the delivery of the integrated combat system, radar and other sensors for the ORP SLAZAK Patrol Vessel. The system will be fully operational in 2016. The vessel is the successor of the GAWRON multipurpose corvette programme.

DCNS: over 50 combat-system trials performed on the FREMM Normandie

The FREMM Normandie multi-mission frigate, second of the series ordered by OCCAR on behalf of the French DGA (General Directorate for Armament) and the French Navy, has just completed five weeks of intense activities off the Toulon coast. These trials have allowed the validation of the frigate’s combat system performance before its delivery to the French Navy at the end of 2014. 
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DSIT Showcasing its Aquashield ER SDV & Diver detection sonar at Balt Military Expo 2014

At the 13th Baltic Military Fair BALT-MILITARY-EXPO 2014 currently held in Gdansk, Poland, Israeli company DSIT showcases its new Aquashield ER Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) and diver detection sonar. The AquaShield ER was created by DSIT in response to the technology advances associated with Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDV), Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV) and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV). 

DAMEN Showcasing its SIGMA family at Balt Military Expo 2014

Following the successful delivery of a number of SIGMA (Ship Integrated Geometrical Modularity Approach) corvette/frigates to the navies of Indonesia and Morocco, Damen is introducing a new Compact SIGMA line.

DCNS Scorpène submarine: an unmatched strategic deterrent capability

The specific conditions of the Baltic Sea are favourable for the use of submarines and make them very difficult to detect, unlike land and air platforms for launching deterrent weapons. The ability to operate underwater for several weeks, provided by air-independent propulsion systems, in particular, makes undetectable and omnipresent modern submarines the most effective carriers of cruise missiles. The Scorpène has been designed to carry the MdCN naval cruise missile.

ZM Tarnow showcasing its 35mm turret for Kormoran II program at Balt Military Expo 2014

At the 13th Baltic Military Fair BALT-MILITARY-EXPO 2014 currently held in Gdansk, Poland, ZM Tarnow (a member of Polish Defense Holding PHO) showcases its 35mm turret project for the Kormoran II MCMV (Mine counter measure vessel) program. 

FLIR showcasing its latest imaging systems at BALT-MILITARY-EXPO 2014 in Poland

FLIR, is participating at the 13th BALT-MILITARY-EXPO Baltic Military Fair, at the AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre, from June 24 to 26 , 2014, in Gdansk, Poland. On its booth, FLIR is exhibiting some of its latest products including the Star SAFIRE 380-HDc for helicopters and the SeaFLIR 280-HD for surface platforms.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

BAE Systems Bofors Wins 57mm Mk3 Naval Gun Contract for Mexican Navy

BAE Systems has been awarded a contract to produce and deliver four 57 Mk3 Naval Guns to the Mexican Navy. “This contract award further strengthens our strong position in the naval guns market,” said Lena Gillström, managing director of Weapon Systems, Sweden, at BAE Systems. “This competitive win shows that BAE Systems’ world-leading 57mm naval gun and ammunition systems continue to be selected as the best solution for both new and existing customers around the world.”

Kongsberg unveils for the first time a Submarine Launched NSM at Balt Military Expo 2014

At the 13th Baltic Military Fair BALT-MILITARY-EXPO 2014 currently held in Gdansk, Poland, Kongsberg shows for the first time a concept of a submarine launched variant of its NSM (Naval Strike Missile). The missile is based on the JSM (the variant specifically designed to fit inside the F35 JSF jet's weapons bay). Kongsberg with its partner Nammo will design a specific booster to launch the missile after breaking out of the water.

DAMEN Showcasing its SIGMA Multi Mission Bay at Balt Military Expo 2014

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding has developed its vision on mission modularity and has created the unique SIGMA Multi Mission Bay. The SIGMA Multi Mission Bay is designed to fulfil the need for flexibility in naval defence through Mission Modularity. 
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DCNS exhibits at Balt military expo 2014 – booth A38 24th to~26th June, Gdansk , Poland

DCNS exhibits at BALT MILITARY EXPO 2014 which will be held in Poland from 24 to 26 June 2014. DCNS is a world leader in naval defence and an innovator in the energy sector. As a naval prime contractor, shipbuilder and systems integrator, DCNS combines resources and expertise spanning the naval defence value chain and entire system lifecycles. DCNS delivers innovative solutions from integrated warships to strategic systems, equipment, services.

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Exhibiting at BALT-MILITARY-EXPO 2014 in Poland

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, one of the leading European system providers for non-nuclear submarines and high-end naval vessels, is participating at the 13th BALT- MILITARY-EXPO Baltic Military Fair, at the AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre, from June 24 to 26 , 2014, in Gdansk, Poland. At the ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems booth no. A25 , visitors can experience an interactive display of a wide range of submarines and naval surface ships.

Israel Military Industries IMI unveils CombatGuard new 4x4 armoured combat vehicle at Eurosatory

At Eurosatory 2014, the International Defence & Security Exhibition in Paris (France), IMI (Israel Military Industries) unveils the CombatGuard, a new 4x4 armoured combat vehicle. Fast, agile and lethal, COMBATGUARD adapts to the changing warfare conditions, offering unprecedented speed, mobility and protection even in the most rugged terrain.
Israel Military Industries CombatGuard 4x4 combat armoured vehicle at Eurosatory 2014, International Defence & Security Exhibition in Paris, France. 
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United States plan to send 300 military advisers to help Iraq to combat Sunni-led insurgents

President Barack Obama today announced plans to send up to 300 military advisers to Iraq to help the government in Baghdad combat a rapid advance by Sunni-led insurgents who have taken over towns and cities and routed Iraqi troops in the north and west of the country, a situation which the president said threatens to plunge Iraq into civil war.
Al Qaeda-inspired militants display a captured Iraqi army Humvee at a checkpoint outside the Beiji refinery.
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Monday, 23 June 2014

Northrop Grumman, US Navy upgrade MQ-8B Fire Scout with multimode maritime surveillance radar

Northrop Grumman Corporation and the U.S. Navy demonstrated a new multimode maritime surveillance radar on the MQ-8B Fire Scout unmanned helicopter that will drastically enhance long-range imaging and search capabilities for Navy commanders.

USS Pennsylvania Gold Crew Sets New Record for Longest Ohio-Class SSBN Patrol

USS Pennsylvania (SSBN 735) with its Gold Crew aboard, returned home to Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor June 14 following a 140-day strategic deterrent patrol, setting a new record for the longest patrol completed by an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine. 

Future Multipurpose Amphibious Assault ship USS Tripoli (LHA 7) Keel Authenticated

The keel laying and authentication ceremony for the amphibious assault ship, the future USS Tripoli (LHA 7) was held at the Huntington Ingalls Industries Pascagoula shipyard June 20. Ship Sponsor Mrs. Lynne Mabus and retired Lt. Cmdr. Steve Senk, the chief engineer of the previous Tripoli (ex-USS Tripoli, LPH 10) served as the keel authenticators. The laying of the keel traditionally marked the first step in ship construction. 

Royal Navy AW159 Wildcat Helicopter lands for the first time on HMS Illustrious Aircraft Carrier

The Royal Navy’s new helicopter has paid its first visit to HMS Illustrious – dropping in on the veteran carrier during a submarine hunting exercise off Cornwall. Wildcat, which will replace the long-serving Lynx on the front line from next year, touched down on Lusty in the middle of Exercise Deep Blue.

Australia Launches New Pacific Patrol Boat Program to Strengthen Security in Pacific Region

A new $2 billion Pacific Patrol Boat (PPB) Program unveiled today by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Defence Minister David Johnston aims to significantly strengthen security in our region. “The Pacific Patrol Boat Program is an important pillar of the Australian Government’s commitment to working with our regional partners to enable cohesive security cooperation on maritime surveillance, including in fisheries protection and transnational crime,” Minister Bishop said. 

Saft Wins Major Contract from DCNS for Electrochemical Stacks for F21 Heavy Torpedoes

Saft, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industry, has been awarded a multi-million Euro torpedo electrochemical stacks contract by DCNS, a world leader in naval defense and an innovative player in energy. Under this long-term contract, Saft will supply silver oxide-aluminium (AgO-Al) electrochemical stacks for PB-61 powering heavyweight F21 torpedoes.