Sunday, 30 September 2012

Russian Armed Forces tested new Future Soldier equipment Ratnik during Caucasus-2012

The Russian Armed Forces were testing a high-tech equipment designed for future soldiers named Ratnik (Warrior), Russia 's Defense Ministry. A Russian "soldier of the future" would be equipped with devices to withstand unfriendly environments, weapons of mass destruction, non-lethal weapons and other items, ministry spokesman Nikolai Donyushkin said.
FELIN Future soldier equipment was presented at Moscow Air Show MAKS 2009.

United States Army second Forward Operational Assessment for XM25 airburst weapon system.

The U.S. Army is preparing to conduct a second Forward Operational Assessment of its XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement airburst weapon system. Program managers are seeking to expedite development of the system, refine and improve the technology, and ultimately begin formal production by the fall of 2014.
XM25 Individual Semi-Automatic Airburst Weapon System at DSEI 2011 defense exhibition in London, United Kingdom.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Technical Datasheet: MQ-4C Triton Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

The Northrop Grumman's United States Navy MQ-4C Triton Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) program provides persistent maritime Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) data collection and dissemination capability to the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force (MPRF). The MQ-4C Triton is a multi-mission system to support strike, signals intelligence, and communications relay.

Iranian Army Research Center presents the new Neinava 4x4 light tactical truck vehicle

Commander of the Iranian Army's Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan unveiled the new Neinava 4x4 light tactical vehicle in a ceremony at the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization of the Iranian Army, Saturday, September 29, 2012.
The new Iranian-made Neinava 4x4 light tactical vehicle.

Iran unveils the new home-made 14.5mm Sniper rifle Shaher at Research Center of Iranian Army

The Iranian Army Ground Force on Saturday, September 29, 2012 unveiled a new sniper rifle 14.5mm caliber called Shaher during a ceremony at the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization of the Iranian Army.
The new sniper rifle Shaher 14.5mm caliber is unveiled to the Commander of the Iranian Army's Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan at the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization of the Iranian Army.

New MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System Tornado-G and Tornado-S for Russian army in 2015

New Russian MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System Tornado-G and Tornado-G will be delivered to the Russian Army by 2015, said Friday, September 28, 2012, during an interview with RIA Novosti, the commander of the Russian Army, Vladimir Tchirkine.
Tornado system is designed on the basis of Russian multiple rocket launchers BM-21 Grad. With a satellite guidance system, it has a range of 40 km and can carry out strikes against tanks, artillery batteries and command posts.

Russian army will be soon equipped with a wheeled tanks produced locally

The Russian army will be soon equipped with a wheeled tanks produced locally, said Friday, September 28, 2012, in an interview with RIA Novosti, the commander of the Russian Army Vladimir Tchirkine.
Few weeks ago Russia has presented scale models for new projects of wheeled tanks and armored vehicles.

Fire destroys brand new North Sea Boats 63m Stealth Fast Missile Patrol Vessel

A fire destroyed the Indonesian Navy's KRI Klewang-625 at the naval port in Banyuwangi, East Java on Friday just weeks after its official launch ceremony. The Fast Missile Patrol Vessel (FMPV) was officialy launched on Friday 31st August, 2012 at PT Lundin’s shipyard facility in Banyuwangi, East Java.

Iran optimizes S-200 air defense missile to be used against high and medium altitude targets

Iranian defense experts are modifying certain features of S-200 anti-aircraft missile air defense system to give it a dual use to hit both high and mid-altitude targets, Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmayeeli announced.
The S-200 is a Russian-made air defence missile system which has been upgraded by Iran.

General Dynamics awarded U.S. Army contract for development of tank Abrams modernization

The U.S. Army TACOM Contracting Command has awarded General Dynamics Land Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), an eight-year, $395 million contract for research, development and testing in preparation for the Abrams main battle tank Engineering Change Proposal 1 (ECP1) production.
The key component of the M1A2 SEPv2 is the Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Chinese Company Yiwu Xibeihu Special Vehicle at AAD with Xibeihu 8x8 light amphibious vehicle

Large presence of Chinese defence industry at AAD 2012 Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition which shows its latest technological innovations for military use. The Chinese Company Yiwu Xibeihu Special Vehicle presents its new amphibious light all-terrain vehicle, the Xibeihu 8x8 ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle).
Yiwu Xibeihu Special Vehicle booth at AAD 2012 with the Xibeihu 8x8 ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle)

Latest version for the FOX APC light armoured vehicle personnel carrier from SVI of South Africa at AAD 2012

The South African Company SVI presents the latest version of its light APC Armoured Personnel Carrier, the FOX at AAD 2012, Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition. SVI offers a new design philosophy of armoured for light combat vehicle (LCV) based to its extensive experience in the design and qualification of landmine and blast protected vehicles.
FOX APC Armoured Personnel Carrier at SVI booth during AAD 2012 Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition in Pretoria, South Africa.

Ukrainian Company Malyshev will start the production of Oplot T-84 tanks for Thailand

The Kharkiv-based Malyshev Plant announced plans to produce by the end of the year the first batch of five T-84 Oplot tanks for the Thai Army. Overall, under the contract the Ukrainian company will make 49 tanks worth over USD 200 million, Volodymyr Mazin, a representative of the Ukroboronprom SE's director general.
Ukrainian main battle tank T-84 Oplot at Eurosatory 2012 defence exhibition in Paris, France.

African Union forces with Somali troops take control of Kismayo Islamist rebel city in Somalia

African Union (AU) forces with Kenyan and Somali troops have launched a beach assault and taken control of parts of Kismayo, the last major Islamist militant bastion in southern Somalia, Kenya's military says. The port city has been a stronghold of the al-Qaeda-aligned group al-Shabab.
Kenya sent its troops into Somalia last October after the fighters were blamed for a series of raids on Kenyan soil targeting its security forces as well as Western tourists.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Iranian Army shows latest generation of ballistic missile Qadr F at military exhibition in Tehran

The Iranian Armed Forces showcased the country's latest defensive capabilities, including the Qadr F an advanced ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers.
Iranian Qadr F ballistic missile during military parade in Tehran.

TERMA at Euronaval 2012 with its C-Series naval solution sets

TERMA will be exhibit at the Euronaval 2012 Naval Defence Exhibition, held from 22 to 26 October at the Paris – Le Bourget exhibition centre. Thy will be located on stand stand no. d42.
TERMA 12 Tubes naval decoy system
(picture: TERMA)

Some Arab countries are ready to support an Arab peacekeeping force in Syria

Arab ministers have met with UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, and Tunisia's President Moncef Marzouki said later his country could support an Arab peacekeeping force in Syria.
UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi

Join CONTROP at Euronaval 2012 International Naval Defence & Maritime Exhibition & Conference

CONTROP will participate in EURONAVAL 2012 at Le Bourget in Paris, on October 22-26. They will be located in Booth G91. CONTROP provides innovative EO / IR solutions for Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Defence & Security Applications for Air, Land and Sea platforms
CONTROP DSP-1 on Unmanned Surface Vessel

BAE Systems will be exhibiting at Euronaval 2012, 22 to 26 October at the Paris – Le Bourget

BAE Systems will be exhibiting at the Euronaval 2012, held from 22 to 26 October at the Paris – Le Bourget exhibition centre. The show is organised under the joint patronage of the French Ministry of Defence and Secretariat of State for the Sea, and is one of the most important events on the naval and maritime industry calendar.
BAE Systems Type 26 Global Combat Ship
(Picture: BAE Systems)

CMN to exhibit at Euronaval 2012 from 22 until 26 October 2012

CMN shall exhibit at EURONAVAL 2012 from 22 until 26 October 2012, in Le Bourget, near Paris, and be pleased to welcome you on its booth nr K65-J66 located under the dome facing the main entrance.
CMN Combattante 65S Stealth Corvette

United States Army places new orders for SAAB Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system

Defence and security company Saab has signed a new contract with the U.S. Army for the company’s Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system. This marks the second time the U.S. Army has bought the 84mm recoilless rifle system to equip its forces.
U.S.Army Special Forces hold familiarization training with the Carl Gustav M3 recoils anti-tank rifle during Operation Iraqi Freedom; (Credit Photo United States Defense)

RUAG presents ARTOR and Vehicle Robotic Kit unmanned vehicles at M-ELROB event

RUAG will be attending the M-ELROB event with the ARTOR (Autonomous Rough-Terrain Outdoor Robot) and the Technology demonstrator based on an EAGLE 4x4 featuring the RUAG Vehicle Robotic Kit presented in partnership with specialists from universities and industry.
ARTOR (Autonomous Rough-Terrain Outdoor Robot) is a research project involving a group of specialists from the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), from technical departments at armasuisse, and RUAG.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Poly Technologies of China presents CS/VN4 armoured personnel carrier with Ingwe missile turret

At AAD 2012, the Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition, the Chinese Company Poly Technologies shows its latest generation of wheeled armoured vehicle personnel carrier CS/VN4 that is marketed for the international military and security market.
Poly Technologies CS/VN4 Chinese armoured personnel carrier at AAD 2012 Africa Aerospace & Defence exhibition

Spanish Company Expal to establish a new demilitarization ammunition line in Brazil

EXPAL has been awarded the tender for the implementation and management of a demilitarization line in Brazil. The project will be run in collaboration with EMGEPRON, State-owned company of the Brazilian Navy.
The EXPAL´s Demilitarization Services include the safe disposal of obsolete outdated or non-longer use ammunition

Iran unveils new drone Shahed 129 with a maximum range of 2,000 km that can target Israel

Iran has deployed a domestic-built reconnaissance drone with a 24 hour flight capability. That’s according to a senior Revolutionary Guard commander during interview aired on State TV. The general, who heads the Guard’s aerospace division, said the drone named Shahed, or Witness, 129, has a range of around 2,000 kilometres.
This image from footage on Iranian state TV reportedly shows the new Iranian-made Shahed 129 long-range drone unveiled by Tehran this week

Germany and France could accept the merger of Airbus-EADS and British BAE Systems companies

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande held talks in the southwestern German town of Ludwigsburg on Saturday to mark former French president Charles De Gaulle's speech, while the EADS/BAE merger and eurozone banking union weigh heavily on the agenda of the largely ceremonial meeting.
Francois Hollande, France's president, right, and Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor, shake hands in the courtyard of the German Chancellory ahead of the Franco-German summit in Berlin, Germany, on Tuesday, May 15, 2012.

United States Marine Corps begins test flight of MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft in Japan

The U.S. Marine Corps have begun test flights of the controversial MV-22 Osprey at its air base in western Japan Friday morning, local media reported. The flight trial kicked off at 9:24 a.m. local time in the U.S. military training airspace codenamed R134 off the coast of Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi prefecture, the Asahi Shimbun reported.
United States Marine Corps tiltrotor aircraft MV-22 Osprey.

South Korea government approves sending of more troops in Afghanistan

South Korea's Cabinet on Tuesday, September 25, 2012, endorsed a plan to extend the deployment of some of its troops tasked with protecting aid workers in strife-torn Afghanistan.
Some 150 Korean aid workers and police officers have been involved in a reconstruction mission in the northern Afghan city of Charikar since mid-2010.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Chinese Company Norinco exhibits for the first time in Africa the CS/VA1 Light Strike Vehicle

The China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) exhibits for the the first time in Africa the CS/VA1 Light Strike Vehicle with CS/LM5 rotary machine gun during the AAD 2012, Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition in Pretoria, South Africa. The Chine CS/VA1 is a 4x4 light tactical vehicle which can be used as multi-role platform and for a wide range of missions.
Chinese Norinco CS/VA1 Light Strike Vehicle at AAD 2012 Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition in Pretoria, South Africa.

Oshkosh Defense unveils new S-ATV Special Purpose All-Terrain vehicle Modern Day Marine 2012

Expanding its portfolio of light military vehicles, Oshkosh Defense, a division of Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK), is unveiling its new Special Purpose All-Terrain Vehicle (S-ATV) designed for unconventional and reconnaissance missions at Modern Day Marine 2012, Sept. 25-27 in Quantico, Va.
Oshkosh Defense S-ATV Special Purpose All-Terrain Vehicle (Credit photo Oshkosh Defense)

Iran successfully test-fired its new home-made Ra'd air defence system with Ta'er missiles

The Islamic Revolution Guards Crops (IRGC) successfully test-fired the home-made Ra'd air defense missile shield on Monday, September 24, 2012. A report aired by Iran's state-run TV on Monday evening showed footages of the test-fire during a military exercise by the IRGC Aerospace force (With video).
Iranian-made Ra'd air defence system with Ta'er missiles

Iran unveils Howeize light tracked armored and Talaeiyeh wheeled armored personnel carrier

Iran on Monday, September 24, 2012, unveiled the Howeize a light tracked armoured vehicle and the Talaeiyeh an armored personnel carrier as part of its broader plan for increasing mobility of its armed forces.
Iranian-made Howeize light tracked armoured vehicle at the left and Talaeiyeh wheeled armoured vehicle personnel carrier at the right

China's first aircraft carrier "Liaoning" (ex-Varyag) commissioned

China's first aircraft carrier was delivered and commissioned to the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy Tuesday, according to report by National Defense Ministry's official website.

Algeria looking to procure two additional Improved Kilo Project 636M Diesel Submarines from Russia

Algeria may order two additional diesel electric submarines of project 636M considered one of the best selling products of the Russian defense industry from Russia. A source in the Russian Defense Ministry reported that Rosoboronexport received an application from Algeria for purchase of two diesel electric submarines of project 636M (Kilo according to NATO classification).

U.S Navy awards boeing a $1.9 Billion Contract for 11 P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft

The U.S. Navy on Sept. 21 awarded Boeing a $1.9 billion contract for 11 P-8A Poseidon aircraft, which will take the total fleet to 24 and bolster the service's anti-submarine, anti-surface warfare and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

DCNS wins €221m support contract for Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier

DCNS has signed a contract with the French Navy’s Fleet Support Service (SSF) to provide through-life support services over the next four years for nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Third Freedom-class littoral combat ship USS Fort Worth (LCS 3) Commissioned in US Navy

USS Fort Worth (LCS 3) commissioned at the Port of Galveston in Galveston, Texas, Saturday, Sept. 22. The ship was officially placed in service by Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO), Adm. Mark E. Ferguson III.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Iran displays for the first time it's new air defense system Ra'd with Taer missiles at Tehran parade

Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) displayed a highly advanced air defense shield, called 'Ra'd', during military parades in Southern Tehran on Friday, September 21, 2012. According to IRGC Air Defense Unit, the highly-advanced home-made Ra'd (Thunder) air defense system is equipped with 'Taer' (Bird) missiles, which can trace and hit targets 50km in distance and 75,000f in altitude. 
Iranian-made Ra'd air defense system with Taer missile at the military parade in Tehran,
September 21, 2012.

New optimized Iranian version of Russian-made S-200 unveiled during military parade in Tehran

The Iranian Armed Forces displayed an optimized version of the Russian-made S-200 long-range air defense system during the military parades in Tehran, Friday, September 21, 2012. The S-200 systems were displayed along with other air-defense systems, missiles and radars in the annual September 21 parades.
Iranian optimized S-200 missile system at the military parade in Tehran.

Iran displays a new version of Zelzal rocket during the military parade of September in Tehran

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) displayed an optimized version of the Zelzal rockets during the military parades in Tehran on Friday, September 21, 2012. The Zelzal rockets were displayed along with a host of other missiles and air-defense systems during the annual September 21 parades, marking the start of the Week of Sacred Defense.
Zelzal-3 rocket at the military parade in Tehran, September 21, 2012.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

BAE Systems South Africa and Golden Group of UAE strengthen their commercial activity

BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa recently signed a teaming agreement with International Golden Group (IGG) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This agreement testifies to the strength of the ongoing relationship between the two companies. The company secured a contract with IGG in 2011 for the RG31 Agrab Mk2 Mobile Mortar Platform (MMP) mine protected vehicles.
Agrab Mk2 armoured vehicle mortar carrier at AAD 2012 Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition in Pretoria, South Africa.

Denel Land Systems presents its truck-mounted gun howitzer 155mm Condor at AAD 2012

Denel Land Systems presents at AAD 2012 its truck-mounted gun howitzer 155m T5-45/52 with the nickname Condor. The system was developped for the Indian market after a request for a new wheeled self-propelled howitzer.
Denel Condor T-5-45/52 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer at AAD 2012.

Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) naval countermeasure system on show at AAD 2012

Rheinmetall has specialized for many years in developing and producing high-quality components and innovative systems for protecting people, vehicles, aircraft, ships and installations and offers a wide range of high-effective active and passive protection solutions coupled with soft-kill systems. Visitors to the AAD 2012 can view the company’s Multi Ammunition Softkill System and the Rapid Obscurant System.

Rheinmetall’s Widder at AAD 2012: Versatility on four wheels

At AAD, Rheinmetall is unveiling its versatile new van, the Widder, for the first time. This robust, extremely reliable vehicle features a five-cylinder, 131 HP turbo diesel engine, with a six-speed transmission, giving it a top speed of 185 km/h.

Thales Scorpion a new mobile automated mortar weapons platform for African market.

At AAD 2012, Thales South Africa presents its new automated mortar weapons platform Scorpion mounted on a light tactical vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 pickup chassis. The system is fully designed and developped by Thales Africa for the African Market.

French Navy Rafale M test fires a live AM39 Block2 Mod2 Exocet Anti-ship missile for the first time

On September 19, 2012, a French Navy (Marine Nationale) Rafale M was launched from the nuclear powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R91) and fired an Exocet anti-ship missile according to the French aerospace magazine Air & Cosmos.

Raytheon's JLENS Aerostat, SM-6 Missile Work Together to Protect Ships

On Sept. 21, 2012, on an isolated test range in New Mexico, Raytheon’s Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System JLENS aerostat provided targeting information to a Standard Missile-6, enabling the weapon to successfully engage an anti-ship cruise missile target.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Test drive Marauder and Matador mine protected vehicles of Paramount Group during AAD 2012

During AAD 2012, the South African Company Paramount Group has invited the international press to the Gerotek test facilities from the Didata Campus to experience a test drive with the Marauder and Matador armoured vehicles personnel carrier. The team of Army Recognition had the opportunity to test the vehicles in all-terrain conditions of South Africa and climbing slopes greater than 60%.
Marauder at the left and Matador at the right during test drive to the Gerotek test facilities, Pretoria, South Africa.

Bath Iron Works Awarded $39 Million for DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class Services

The U.S. Navy has awarded General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, a business unit of General Dynamics (GD), a $38.9 million modification to a previously awarded contract to perform class and engineering services associated with the detail design and construction of Zumwalt class ships (DDG 1000).

Royal Thai Navy to mondernize HTMS Naruesuan frigate to Datalink with Air Force Gripens

The Thai cabinet has approved a 3.29 Billion Baht budget for the Royal Thai Navy to modernise its frigate HTMS Naruesuan´s computer systems and enable it to link up with RTAF Gripens, according to the Bangkok Post.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Namibia takes delivery of Eurocopter EC145 helicopter at AAD 2012 defence exhibition

Namibia's Police Force (NAMPOL) today, September 20, 2012, took delivery of a new Eurocopter EC145 helicopter enabling it to continue expanding its airborne law enforcement reach and civil protection capabilities in what is one of Africa's largest countries.
The multi-mission EC145 helicopter can be flown by one or two pilots and carries up to nine passengers.

OTT Technologies introduces Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle 4x4 Agrale Marrua M27 at AAD 2012

At AAD 2012, the Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition which take place in Pretoria, South Africa from the 19 to 23 September 2012, the South African Company OOT Technologies introduces its new LAPV Light Patrol Armoured Vehicle, the 4x4 Agrale Marrua M27.
OTT Technologies booth at AAD 2012 with the Agrale Marrua M27 4x4 LAPV Light Patrol Armoured Vehicle.

Vigor Industrial introduces its new Offshore Patrol Cutter with Ulstein X-BOW

In response to the U.S. Coast Guard's demanding Offshore Patrol Cutter requirements, Vigor Industrial looked beyond the conventional. With the Ulstein X-BOW®, the Vigor OPC delivers unmatched seakeeping and endurance.

Royal Netherlands Navy tests NH90 helicopter and Holland class OPV in bad weather

Royal Netherlands Navy crews of the NH90 helicopter and HNLMS Holland Offshore Patrol Vessel conducted deck landings with winds up to Force 8 and waves up to 4 meters high last week in the North Sea.